Friday, September 23, 2011

Facebook's New Look

I didnt plan on making a blog post…but Im sitting here checking out the new Facebook profile, and I have to admit, I'm really liking it! Just as I was complaining not two days ago about the changes with settings on our Home feeds that killed chronological order (since returned :-), I have to marvel at the superb job on the navigation and ease of use, as well as the totally cool features and apps available for them. Plus I think it just looks frikkin sweet.

I still need to experiment more with the privacy settings, and one or two other elements, but otherwise I'm impressed. It will take a little while for the average user to figure it all out, and seasoned vets of the digital landscape only a brief session. People coming back from a long hiatus from facebook will be a bit challenged. Especially the changes in privacy and "what am I sharing" questions with some terminology and list changes.

In any event, just wanted to give you a little of what my early perceptions are. I plan on sitting and writing my full thoughts once I explore it's capabilities a bit more, and what it could mean for businesses...oh yes! There is a method behind the madness (or something like that).

UPDATED: We created a great video series to help you through this change, including how to create and manage lists, privacy, using the Timeline feature and much more. Part one starts here: Timeline Video

And if you want YOUR new profile NOW, visit our Facebook page. There is a video to explain how you can upgrade now.