Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Facebook Profile Security

Lets talk about Facebook security.

Have you ever clicked on a friend’s friend to see their profile? What have you seen…everything…nothing…or a little bit in between? Well there is a reason for that. Either they know how to navigate the Facebook privacy setting or they can’t figure them out or even worse…they just don’t care. If your clicking on someone’s profile page there is a good chance someone has done it to you.
So…how do you protect yourself from prying eyes? It is not as difficult as you may have expected.

In the upper right corner of your page click “account” then “privacy settings".

You will see this on your page. Your goal is to make a nice vertical row of dots down the right side under the "Friends Only Section".

You can click on "Customize Settings", which is found towards the bottom of the page to open a new page that allows you to pick WHAT can be seen by WHOM.

On that same page under the paragraph titled "Basic Directory Information" you will see “view settings” ...its small and it blends in so look closely. Once you click that link and you see the next page.

Those tabs on the right hand side are the tools you need to secure your profile. Click the drop down tabs and start to select WHO sees WHAT about you.

Facebook does allow you to view your profile as if you were someone else. By clicking on the “preview my profile” button you will be able to see how your profile looks to a stranger.

Here is what mine looks like minus a little photoshop picture removal of course.

Remember to check your privacy settings often. Facebook has had their share of hick-ups which has defaulted settings back to the original positions.

Plus with Facebooks recent additions like the check in feature "Places" you are responsible for selecting the most secure profile settings.

By securing your profile you are making sure the information you post is only seen by the people you want to see it.

Check out this link to a NY Times Blog article on how employers are using Facebook to check you out.