Monday, January 24, 2011

Creating a company from scratch. "Talking Finger" Part 2

So we knew we had a great now or what do we do next.

The next step turned out to be child like and fun...I went to the local Ocean State Job Lot and picked up a giant drawing tablet and a pack of Spiderman makers (3 bucks...the first big investment into the company) so we could sit on the floor in Bills cabana and start to outline ideas of what the business should be, where we were going to market the product, what types of business we were going to target and also the culture of what a social media marketing company should be.

Before we ever put pen to paper, or in this case Spiderman markers to paper, we had a discussion about no matter what happens we will both have each others best interest in mind. Neither one of us wanted to see harm come to our friendship and neither one of us wanted to destroy what we both felt was a product ahead of it's time. It was as if we were creating a child and wanted to protect not only it but ourselves from any possible harm. Once we had that discussion it was a race to grab the red marker, they smell like cherries.

At this first meeting in the early spring we tried to come up with a name but that didn't come to us till a few weeks later. We wrote down any possible idea that came to our minds:
What types of business, where we felt we would get the most success, who to talk to at the company, any idea was valid. We sat for a few hours that nite and just wrote, laughed and dreamed.

I still have the pad of paper with all our original ideas, I keep it in my office with the hopes that when we get our first office space, which by the way we both want a big open warehouse, I will hang those original "works of art" on the wall to remind us of the first days we sat down to develop what became "Talking Finger".