Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Why We Created "Share Your Fanpage"

Why We Created:

We launched Share Your Fanpage just about 36 hours ago, and it has been growing at a steady pace. We envision that in about 30 days time it will have a couple of hundred pages posted up, and many more will come join the platform as word of this spreads, and the usefulness of it becomes apparent.

So what's the method behind the madness; why did we decide to create a place where Page owners can freely post their Page?

For a long time, Erik and I have thought about Facebook as not only a B2C platform, but a platform just on the brink of being able to be utilized just as well for B2B. The best of both worlds. That came to fruition a few months ago, when Facebook changed features on the site to enable people to "Switch" from their personal profiles and assume the personality of their Fanpage. When this happened, we were finally able to speak as our Fanpage once we left our little spot on Facebook.

What this in essence did was create the ability to now go to other Pages and post as our own Page, easily spreading the word about our businesses and organizations organically. For example, Talking Finger could now go to Subway's Page and post AS Talking Finger. Subway has 8 million fans at our disposal who would have the potential to see our post. Powerful stuff! By engaging and posting as our Page, we have attained clients we wouldn't have if we didnt have this ability of speaking as our Page. More about that later.

We watched other Pages similar to Share Your Page pop up, and fall into disarray. Spam and lack of organization lead to a jumbled mess of posts that went to everywhere from Fanpages to porn sites. Most of all, no instructions on how to actually utilize a platform where Page owners could help each other out to find prospects: NOT just "Likes". Likes are great, but they don't always equate to ROI.

We decided to try something new. Our Page includes Video Guidelines (text version available) and "How To" videos for connecting to other pages and cross marketing by simply engaging in conversation. Conversation that isn't just spam, but one which builds relationships between pages who wish to connect and partner up to "share" each other's fan base. Because the relationship you build B2B between Pages equals a huge gain in B2C. After all, If I have 1000 fans on my Talking Finger Fanpage, and you connect to it with your Fanpage and engage in conversation (rather than just coming, dropping a link and leaving), you are now not only speaking to Talking Finger, but to all of Talking Finger's 1000 fans. In the example below, Franklin Management who is just starting to get going on Facebook, has a wonderful thing to say about Talking Finger, but more importantly, they posted to 1000 of our fans.

Now if Franklin Management continues such practices, and starts connecting and sharing and building relationships on other Fan Pages, they increase their odds of finding a prospect and eventually a client.

It takes time. It takes planning. It takes consistency and it takes a dedication to allocate resources to social media marketing. Share Your Fanpage makes it easier to share your Fanpage, but ultimately it is up to you to make it work. We can't make connections for you. After all, if you went to a Chamber of Commerce meeting, would you stand against the wall afraid to engage in conversation? Does this method work?

Hopefully, you would walk around, try to meet as many people as you could and engage in conversation. So why on Earth wouldn't you do this on a social network!!??

Go forth! Share, Like, Engage!!