Friday, February 10, 2012

Everywhere I Go...

Just the other day I took my mother to her appointment at her chiropractor and noticed they had a sign taped to their door that said, “Like us on Facebook”. Another place that did something similar was The Paul Mitchell School of Hair. They had a sign up for people to write reviews for their haircut experiences on Yelp. I am starting to see things like this more often at a faster growing pace. I think people are just starting to realize the true importance of social media because I feel that it is at it’s peak right now. I just started a Marketing class at Gateway Community College and after the class ended I told my Professor about Talking Finger and what we do for businesses and she had mentioned that the textbook doesn’t mention anything about social media and that it should because of it’s growing importance. Social Media Marketing is almost comparable to Underground Rock Music. It’s there, but not everyone knows it exists just yet. But when they do it’s going to blow up even more.
-Chris Durso