Thursday, February 16, 2012

Moo-ve on over, boring marketing strategies!

Today I was reading an article on Mashable about a start up company getting some major buzz. The company has not yet launched a single product, yet they have over 10,000 registered users to their website, 750 followers and over 3000 mentions on Twitter.

What makes the brand without a product so special? Simple: their website has a game called "Click the Cow". Its pretty self-explanatory, but visitors literally click the picture of a cow and earn 1 point. If they tweet about the page, or "like" it on Facebook, they get 100 points. The leader on their "Utterly pointless leadboard" has over 878,000,000 points!!!

Without selling a single product, this new company already has a strong following. I decided to check the website out, and all you can really do is register for a username, so I did. I have no idea what the website will be about, but I am already curious.

That is the crazy thing about social media, buzz can generate just from about anything. Regular marketing tactics don't work as well, and often, the most out-of-the-box or weird tactics catch users attention! That is what I love most about social media, you can be as creative as you want to and actually be YOU! Transparency is key, and if you can show users the fun, crazy you, they will be more likely to relate with you. So next time you have a crazy idea, just go with it, you never know what might catch someone's interest! Have fun!