Friday, November 2, 2012

WHY ! ? ...Why?

Does a bear tweet in the woods?

So last night I saw this pic on a favorite time killing website/app I go to when I need a good laugh or need to kill some time between commercials. 

The bear is right people... don't push Twitter to Facebook, as a matter of fact don't push anything to anywhere, keep it on the platform that it belongs to! If you don't know why then this is the blog post for you, if you do know why then you must be a follower of ours at Talking Finger.

So here is why and its really simple. 
Twitter is different from Facebook, Facebook is different from Linked In, Pinterest is different from YouTube, Blogs are different from...well you get where I am going here. Each social media platform has its target market segment. You wouldn't advertise a Justin Beiber concert on the 6 pm news you would advertise on MTV. (Yes we actually mentioned that name...sorry I had to get tough on you.) Each message you have is intended to do a specific thing to the person who reads it.
Here is an example:
Blogs tell a story - To much to post on FB. 
Twitter tells the audience what is happening NOW, right now.
Pinterest is where you post images to the mostly female audience. 
Facebook is where you inform the largest concentration of people what is happening. 
YouTube is where you show anything that can be spun into a video.
Linked In is where you wear your suit and be professional. 

Here is your breakdown........based on a night out for sushi...At one of my favorites Nobu.

Blog: Sushi...Blah Blah Blah...Sushi...etc (Tell a story about it)

Twitter: OMG this is the best sushi place ever! I love @Nobu #RockShrimp 

Pinterest: Here are the pics of them making my dish! (insert 5 photos here)

Facebook: (Question Post) What's your favorite sushi? 

YouTube: Take a look at the sushi chef making our rolls and all the people in here!

Linked In: Update status. Let your connections that Nobu is a great hip place to have a client lunch or dinner.

See how every message is different yet they all talk about the same thing. Why, why, why would you post the same thing on every platform??? It makes no sense. The audience is different! 
This is what happens when you say the same thing on all channels. 
By posting the same thing everywhere you are like Stewie. Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy....after a few times your audience hears the same thing on different platforms...they unfollow/unlike, aka they leave you.

So, while you may feel that you are saving time and money you are actually doing harm to your brand.  You are telling your audience that you just want to force feed them information, and you don't care about them, you only care about your agenda. Each platform has a unique demographic that uses it and yes they may follow you on all your channels but they DON'T want to hear the same thing on them. Give them a reason to follow you on different channels, change it up to cater to them. 
These are your customers! 
They are your brand advocates!
They are the conduit to the people WHO DO NOT KNOW about you yet! 

So respect the audience, speak to them properly on the platform you are posting to. 

And bears do not tweet. I googled it. 

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  1. Loved the post, Erik, and I couldn't agree more. It absolutely takes more time and thought to post to each platform individually and I'm still working on how to do that effectively. But I do appreciate the brands that share your philosophy and I enjoy seeing how Talking Finger uses each platform differently, too. Thanks for your insights!