Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Can I implement social media marketing internally?

For a business wishing to start their foray into social media themselves internally, they should sure to be able to allocate resources to this. SMM requires immediate response and continualy updated information. Not sustaining it properly and consistently keeping your audience interested, educated and involved can actually turn both prospects and clients off to your brand.

Internal marketers must understand how to compliment the various forms of smm (Twitter, Facebook, blogs, enews, etc) so they work together as one cohesive marketing plan. Having too many messages across several platforms makes it confusing to their audience. While the platforms are vastly different between smm tools, integration becomes easy with experience.

As well, marketers should be trained on how and what to post up on smm networks. How to answer a negative review, or thank people for a compliment in a personal way but in full representation of the company's image. These are no longer the days of creating a newspaper and letting it fly. The interaction smm demands, requires people of personality and patience, as well as creativity since they will be the spokesperson for your business.