Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Social Validation

Social Validation is the psychological phonomenon that occurs when buyers in ambiguous situations who do not have enough information to make decisions independently, instead look for clues like popularity, trust, and reccomendations, as well as how a company reacts to negative feedback. It has always been a factor in the decision making process, but before social media, was a guess for companies at best. With today’s tools, it is possible to use this to a profitable advantage.
Think of it this way: when people are ready to purchase a service or product, most often they ask people they know about that product or service to get their input. In the past, this was done with with the business never knowing or having a say. New smm tools such as Facebook allow a business to now get directly involved in this conversation. As well, tools such as Google alerts makes it easy for a business to get notification instantly if their product or service is being discussed.