Thursday, July 15, 2010

Transparency in SMM: How it works for your business

Social media is a great opportunity for companies to represent themselves as real people and build real relationships to others. It is the very essence of smm. Prospects and clients/consumers look to companies for openness, communication and most of all accountability. This is known as transparency. They want to know that if someone has an issue, that a company is willing to stand behind what they are selling and communicate with that person.
Let's take Facebook as an example. Companies who do this well will leave a negative comment up on a wall on facebook and address the issue by directly communicating with the poster and working to resolve the issue. This is a brilliant hint of how that company cares about the product or service they are putting out into the public domain for consumption.
A company which fails at this would delete the comment. This leaves an incredibly sour taste in the mouths of those following a company, because they are no longer being transparent and working to resolve an issue. They also forget that the thousands of other fans have already received notification of the post that was deleted.
Prospects, clients and consumers want the truth. They want to trust the businesses they are going to spend money with. Building that trust through transparency is an important piece of the puzzle in your success in smm.