Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Brands: Facebook Me!

Well, that guy didn't translate the title of this blog post correctly...hopefully most of YOU will understand it!

Being the social media marketing guy I am, I look for trends within the world of marketing that include new media. In particular, how companies and brands are using their Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, blogs, YouTube channels and the dozen or so other viable platforms available.

Although we don't watch a lot of TV in our house, the times we would watch Survivor, or The Office or some of the other couple of shows we tune into I noticed a trend during commercials that was hard for me NOT to notice: The use of Facebook or YouTube channels in place of other contact information in the TV spots. Instead of how things were typically done, such as, the brand decided to go with their Facebook page:

Why? It's simple...they can engage there. They can form relationships with customers and prospects in a way never before possible. They can send out messages at any time and know the fans of their page will get them, and even share them with their friends! They can do it right now, at 11:48 at night or tomorrow at noon. Brands are realizing that when I go to their website at 1 a.m. in the morning, no one but me knows about it, but if I go to their Fanpage at 1 a.m. and like what they have to say...BAM! 390 of my friends see that I commented or clicked on their fanpage.

So where do you stand in the world of new media? How does YOUR Facebook page stack up to the brands? Do you have a landing page welcoming people in? Customizations to make it more "fun" and engaging? Are you adding content every few days? Engaging in comments?

Here is the list of commercials on TV that I have been putting together for thirty days or so. Each of these brands did not put up a website, phone number or any other contact information other than a Facebook page. Pay attention to what THEY have done with their pages. Just like 20+ years ago, these same brands were the leaders and forefront of what websites could be, now they are the leaders in using Facebook as their platform.

-Bill DeRosa