Saturday, June 25, 2011

How to be Fricking Awesome (on Twitter)

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I recently came across a really great article via @DanOnofrio called "7 Ways You Can Be Fricking Awesome On Twitter" written by @SkinnyJeans. While I find myself rocking my awesomeness during everyday life, I couldn't help but notice that my Twitter game needed to be stepped up. Stephanie (@SkinnyJeans) really hit home on the ways and the reasons being awesome kicks up your Twitter presence. As marketers, these are valuable things to learn for our company/client/self:

"Awesome is a state of being, not an act"
Such a statement could not be truer. Yes, doing something can be considered awesome. But people who live their day-to-day lives BEING awesome demonstrate so much more liveliness into their world - including their social media world! Stephanie states that true awesomeness comes from within and to mimic someone else's awesome habits would be like buying "faux awesome." Save your money. Find your inner awesome.

"Give a damn!"
What are you passionate about? What are you good at? How much pride do you have working for your company/client? Share it! People who show off (modestly, of course) their pride and joy radiate awesomeness. It shows how much you care about your cause and that can become very inspiring for people. "The caring is the fuel for awesomeness."

"Add dimensions to your tweets"
One common problem that social media gets a bad rap for is how it's become so....casual. People start to tweet about every little thing going on in their life. "I just did my laundry." "Cooking is fun!" "This sandwich is tasty." That's all fine and dandy, but wouldn't a tweet about cooking be more entertaining if it read like this: "@LaurenVassallo: Testing out a recipe from @runnersworld Magazine: whole wheat penne primavera in a homemade pomodoro sauce. YUM!" And then you included a picture of the ingredients or the final dish? I don't know about you, but I'm getting hungry just reading it...

And for the record, it is a GREAT dish. One of my favorites. :)

"Would you rather follow Winnie the Pooh or Eeyore?"
We're all guilty of it. Sometimes we start to feel sorry for ourselves and feel the need to express that sorrow to the rest of our social media friends. Go through your Twitter feed and tell me how many apathetic tweets you read. Now tell me, after reading all of those tweets how do you feel? In most cases you're feeling pretty down in the dumps. "People gravitate more to sunshine than to the clouds...and retweets are like sun rays extending the warmth of your shine."

"Don't be afraid to wear your heart on your tweets"
Now I know I said reading apathetic tweets suck and tend to get people down. That's not to say you shouldn't show ANY vulnerability. We're all human. People tend to be vulnerable. And other people enjoy trying to cheer someone up when their down. It also shows that you are human and that sometimes life just gets the best of you. What I like to do if I find myself posting a vulnerable tweet is resolve the problem and then tweet about the strength I found to overcome it.

Party on Wayne! Party on Garth! Despite the fact that many or all of your Twitter followers are people you do not personally know there are SO MANY EVENTS that occur through Twitter. For example: when I was training for the Marine Corps Marathon last year I would tweet often about my runs. Many races have hash tags for people to use so at the end of every marathon training tweet I would type #mcm or #mcm10. There were so many people that we all decided to form a tweetup. When all the runners ended up in Washington D.C. they went to a bar and met their fellow tweeting training buddies. It was a great way to meet new people and to put a face to a name. @SkinnyJeans' article has some great websites to check out if you're interested in attending a Twitter Party. Maybe I'll see you at one?

"Pay attention to your numbers but don't live by them"
Ugh. I have a confession. I HATE numbers. I hate math. And to be honest, I hate analytics. They are so important and yet I despise them. So when I read this rule I had to come to terms with my number problem. But I was excited to read that I shouldn't have to let analytics consume my life. Stephanie writes that quantity doesn't always have to reflect quality. So as much as you may be down about the number of your Twitter followers, don't let it slow you down. Keep being awesome and true to yourself. Your time will come.

So there you have it. You may be awesome in the real world (it's tough work. I know it) but are you showing that same level of awesome on Twitter? Better get started!